New York Insider Rules are a set of Arena or Indoor Baseball rules formalized in 1980. They are considered to be the basis for the rules of the modern game.

The rules Edit

1st. The bases shall be from "home" to second base, thirty-four paces; from first to third base, thirty-four paces. Home plate shall be eight feet away from the wall; where home plate stands. The bases must be six feet away from the wall in which they stand, except for second base must be away from the wall in a diagnial pattern so that the paces from first to second base connect in a straight and even line.

2nd. The pitcher's mound must be thirty-five feet away from home plate; while still facing home plate and inbetween home and second base.

3rd. The game shall consist of ten innings; three outs ends an inning. An inning shall consist of the top half of the inning (home team) and the bottom half of the inning (away team), unless the managers and / or captains of the teams agree that a coin toss shall decide who bats first and who bats second.

4th. The defense consists of 9 players; three outfielders; they shall be called left , center, and right fielders; 4 infielders; they shall be called 1st , 2nd, and third basemen , and the infielder inbetween the 3rd and second basemen shall be called the shortstop; 1 pitcher shall be used (pitchers may be called up from the bullpen); and a catcher.

5th. The pitcher shall only throw from the pitchers mound and shall only pitch to the hitter from this spot; the hitter shall only stand in the hitters box; either on the left or right side of home plate. three strikes shall equal a strikeout; four balls shall equal a walk; if a batsmen gets hit he shall take first base. If the pitcher is to stop his motion when hes about to throw the ball the base runner under the balk rule shall move up one base unless the bases are load and / or there are more strikes than balls thrown to the batsmen.

6th. If the batsmen hits the ball off the wall in fair territory he shall be awarded a homerun; unless the ball is caught after hitting the wall. If the ball is caught the batsmen shall be out; if a infielder throws the runner out at any base that the baserunner is advancing to that baserunner shall be out and / or if the baserunner gets tagged out by an infielder he shall be out. But if the baserunner and the fielder steps on the base at the same time the baserunner shall be safe- hence tie goes to the runner.

Infielding Rules Edit

7th. Infielders shall not get in the away of the baserunners path. If a infielder does get in the way of the baserunner and does not allow the baserunner to go by him that runner shall be awarded the next base in front of him. However, a infielder may get in the way of the base path, if the ball is hit and lands in the base path. Infielders may move up if the to lay down a bunt and / or the ball.

8th. Infielders shall not and can not get the runner out by throwing the ball at the runner.

Outfielding Rules Edit

9th. Outfielders shall and are required to wear gloves to field ground balls and catch the ball when it is in the air and /or in any manner.

10th. Outfielders shall not and can not get the runner out by throwing the ball at the runner.

11th. If the ball is struck by the batsmen and hits the top of the roof and / or ceiling the batsmen shall be called out.

Throwing the Ball Rules Edit

12th. The ball may hit the ground when thrown; if the ball is thrown and lands in the strike zone the pitch shall count as a strike.

13th. The ball shall not and may not be thrown at the batsmen which may be result in a warning or getting ejected from the game.