The stormball is a breaking ball that goes typically 75-85 mph. It is usally thrown under hand, goes up, then sinks back down. John Lackos said, "the stormball is the greatest pitch since the fastball." Alternate names are, seaball, reverse curve, side curve, and the Dowan change curve.


The stormball was said to be invented by legendary Manager Ryan Rock in 2018, but legendary All-Star pitcher Jack Dowan made it famous in 2021 when he used it to strike out Ted Cartwright. It is somewhat like the Eephus, but faster and with slightly diffrent movement. Incredibly, only 17 hits have been produced in over a decade. This makes it one of the most effictive pitches in baseball.

Notable PitchersEdit

Notable pitchers to use the stormball include: 

Jack Dowan

Enrique Cortez

Rice Newman

Chris Mattson